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Allan Mckinnis

Interim Executive Chef

First generation Korean American and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Allan McKinnis began cooking out of necessity when the responsibility of putting food on the table for his two younger siblings fell on him as he was growing up. It wasn’t long before responsibility morphed into passion as he found inspiration in Anthony Bourdain and the show “Parts Unknown” where Chef McKinnis learned that food was more than just for eating; it is a form of artistic expression. Back when he was still at the CIA, he met Kevin Flannery who had brought him on as an intern at Ocean Prime. Flannery eventually branched off to start Vinyl Steakhouse and extended the invitation to McKinnis to come along as a Chef. Chef McKinnis saw this as an opportunity to challenge himself daily to provide exquisite cuisine in an environment that promotes and encourages creativity from all brought on board.